The Jerky Connection LIVE

Tonight the Wednesday edition of the live show is going straight to hell, and The Jerky Connection is going to provide the airfare as we experience the 7 Gates of Hell beef jerky style!

Unfortunately for the guys at Jerky Connection the 7 Gates of Hell are nothing compared to the 7000 Miles of Hell that I’ve experienced during multiple Spicy RV road trips with John and David. Assuming I knock down all the gates rather easily, then let’s hope the jerky is at least tasty. SEE YOU AT 8E/5P!




  • Edward Grassel 2012 Dec 03 / 20:05

    Do you guys have a replay of this show? I wanted to watch it, as Tom at the Jerky Connection makes some of my favorite (along with Ed at the Roadhouse) jerky. His Satans Flaming Hemmoroids is awesome….

  • James 2012 Dec 06 / 22:18

    It’s right above your comment (now)!

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