A bottle of Rufus Teague's Honey Sweet BBQ SauceThe second round for today we’re switching gears over the core of Rufus Teague‘s legend and checking out the Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce.  If their doing as well in this area as the Spicy Steak Sauce we checked out earlier in the day, then this should be pretty great.  While this isn’t necessarily a spicy BBQ Sauce, it does have some chili powder in it, and we’re wrapping in on both ends with spice for reviews today, so it gets to be the sweet center for the day.  If this ends up being a great product, you can always stir in your own chile pepper powders to bring up the heat on a sweet sauce that you enjoy.  Rufus Teague’s bottles read like he’s the William Wallace of the Kansas City BBQ scene, and the steak sauce got very good marks, so I’m expecting this shouldn’t be a rough review to write.


From the looks of the list, I’m still on board with what they use in the mix, but addimistedly the Raisin Paste is a new one for me.  It doesn’t seem weird at all, but this would be the first company I’ve seen that uses this stuff regularly. Here’s the mix:  Tomato Paste, Water, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Honey, Vinegar, Molasses, Raisin Paste, Soy Sauce, Natural Smoke Flavor, Mustard, Concentrated Orange Juice, Dried Onion, Worchestershire Sauce, Paprika, Anchovy Paste, Chili Pepper Powder, Dried Garlic, Ground Celery Seed, and “other spices you can’t know about”.


Yeah, so we almost had a situation here.  I took one whiff of this and my mouth watered so fast I had to lift my head quickly to make sure I didn’t drool on my shirt.  The rush of tart, sweet and smokey come all at once and hit this sort of primal area of your brain that just tells your salivary glands to go full speed.  I’m going to have to fight through smelling this enough to talk about it, but not drink it before I’m done with this section. As far as the color and texture goes, it’s a moderately thick sauce of a deep brown color.  It will easily stick to things you brush it on, but it’s thin enough that it could be poured as well.



Time for the fun part.  There’s this muted sharp taste right at the beginning that tastes like it comes from the vinegar and various other included sauces that have vinegar in them, but that is off set by the various sweet elements in this. Once that settles down you get all the various savory parts of this, such as the onion and garlic.  They did really well with this in not overpowering the smoke flavoring part of it.  You get a touch of black pepper flavor from the worchestershire sauce.  Amusingly, I find my self jabbing my tongue in to various corners of my mouth to fish out any hidden pockets of flavor from this.  The heat level is an expected Mild, but actually had a touch more heat than I expected. As far as sweet BBQ sauces go, this is going to be taking it’s place firmly as the second best sweet BBQ sauce I’ve had.  If you’re a ribs lover, this is your sauce here.  Also, with the holidays coming up, this would be a knock em’ out sauce for miniature cocktail weenies. Yeah, ok, I just took two swigs from this flask shaped bottle, even after finishing up the write-up, so we know what that means, right? Yep.  Notable.


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