Happy Scroturday, folks. I’m bringing you three- yes, three! – whole reviews today, all focused on the Big Red label. The first iteration in today’s three-part review of Big Red’s sauces is Big Red’s Smokey Habanero sauce.  I’m not sure how it fits into their naming scheme, and couldn’t find it on the website at all, but the front of every bottle has a bearded cane-waving chili inside a “Big Red’s Holy Moses Habanero Sauce” logo. Well, I’m confused, but let’s go ahead and check this stuff out anyway.


Habanero peppers, Chipotle Peppers, Water, Lemon Juice, Vinegar, Seal [sic] Salt and Other Spices.


This looks to be a fairly wet sauce.  It flows well, but there are seeds present in the suspension, giving it texture and, presumably, small bursts of heat.  Aside from the seeds, most of the other ingredients seem to be ground small enough to flow easily with the wet sauce, while being just large enough to be seen, possibly while adding texture.  Removing the lid, I find a restricter cap which speaks to the fluidity of the sauce.  The smell is that of strong smokey chipotle peppers, without a piquant kick detectable.



I am sincerely disappointed in the lack of seal flavor.  Yes, I have had seal before and would know what it tastes like, and no, it couldn’t have been seal salt in this bottle.  Sampling it, my tongue was first blanketed with the gentle smokey flavor of chipotle peppers, but near instantly that was overpowered by the heat of the habanero peppers.  I wouldn’t say it was a gross take-over by the habanero, but it certainly tipped the scales, and detracted, even if a little, from the chipotle flavor.  I find that disappointing because, in a chipotle habanero sauce, I would want the chipotle to stand out on it’s own enough to have a fair blend with the heat of habanero peppers.  For heat, I’m giving this sauce a ‘Medium’ rating, and for flavor, I’m giving it a ‘Nice’ rating.


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