Ladies and gentlemen, your hero is here again with the concluding entry in today’s Scroturday saga, even though it is technically Sunday now. Personal stuff, you know, but better late than never.  And it’s a good thing, because that damn cane-wielding Holy Moses pepper thing on this company’s labels is really starting to irk me.  And honestly, I have no idea why.  Anyway, despite the double possessives in the product name, and the creepy Moses thing, I’m going at this last review with renewed fervor.


Habanero peppers, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Peppers), Chipotle, Vinegar, Sea Salt, Lemon Juice, and Other Spices.


This sauce appears to be about as fluid as the Smokey Habanero sauce.  It seems very wet, and very thin, though I did see a single seed suspended in the sauce.  I’m almost certain this, too, has a restrictor top.  After removing the lid and the I-totally-predicted-it restrictor cap, I took a deep whiff of what emanated from the bottle.  Based on the second ingredient, I was expecting the crippling smokey scent of the delicious Bhut Jolokia pepper.  Instead, I was again overwhelmed by the smell of chipotle peppers with more balanced notes of habanero lingering on its tails.



Despite the lack of presence of the ghost pepper in the aroma of this sauce, true to its name, it sneaks up on you in the flavor.  As soon as I took a lick of this sauce, I could taste a slight texture almost on par with the Garden Habanero, but with a lot more habanero kick.  Then out of nowhere, and virtually immediately, I’m punched in the teeth with the sneaking spice of ghost pepper, seemingly dominating my palate.  Despite the uproarious burn, there is a slight, smokey flavor to the sauce.  I wouldn’t say it’s enough to recommend this sauce based on its flavor merits, but there is some flavor.  As a final note to heat, with respect to the name:  if this is God’ s Wrath, I’ll stare the pale horseman in the face with a sneer that says “You ain’t got nothing on me.”  I’m giving it a ‘neutral’ flavor rating and a ‘Madness’ flavor rating.

Author’s note:  This review was supposed to be published at the tail end of Scroturday, but yours truly was dragged off to matters of international security by the lollipop guild.


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