Scrovak’s back, and it’s time for Round 2 of the three-part Scroturday extravaganza. My second installment in the Big Reds trilogy today is Big Red’s Garden Habanero Sauce.  Like the rest of their habanero-themed sauces, the label touts an all natural composition, made from ‘the finest naturally grown produce.’ Also like the rest of their sauces, there’s a big dancing, cane-wielding, bearded Moses chili. Well, I liked their Smokey Habanero, so here’s hoping this one holds up as well.


Chipotle Peppers, Carrots, Radishes, Lemon Juice, Vinegar, Habanero Peppers, Sea Salt, And Other Spices.


This sauce looks a fair bit thicker than the chipotle sauce, though it’s still relatively fluid, so i wouldn’t be surprised if it, too, had a restrictor cap.  I will say the contained sauce looks heartier, though.  There are a lot more contents visible inside, so it looks like it will probably have more texture.  Otherwise, the sauce is about the same color as the chipotle.  What should be interesting is that this sauce lists Chipotle peppers as the first ingredient, which is higher than it’s presence on the Smokey Habanero sauce.  When I took the cap off, and then took off the restrictor cap, I couldn’t decipher the smell.  There was a hint of chipotle muddled with the general aroma of a farm stand.  It’s unusual.



If you’re into carrots and such, you’ll like this product.  It tastes like an amalgamation of minced soft fresh veggies, with some minced pepper mixed in. The testure is fantastic, though I’d prefer if the ‘other spices’ were also large enough to provide a little crunch to the minced texture.  If they did that, it would be a perfect texture.  In the flavor department, I’d say the taste matches the smell.  In fact, mix this with a little olive oil and you’d have yourself a great dressing with a kick!  I’m giving it a ‘Nice’ rating.  As for heat, there is a little kick, but not enough to push it into the medium category, so I’m going to go ahead and give this a ‘Mild’ rating.


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