About a month back, I reviewed the first of what I initially thought was a duo of sauces from Adoboloco, specifically their Jalapeno variety. Although that sauce didn’t exactly earn high marks from me, my plan was to revisit the brand with a clean slate a few weeks down the road. After all, their Habanero variety would surely earn a higher score in the heat department at least, if not also in flavor. To my surprise, though, I discovered that my shipment also contained a hidden third variety of Adoboloco hot sauce, one whose heat supposedly lies somewhere in between the Jalapeno and Habanero sauces. Since I want to take things one step at a time, I’ve decided to hold off on the Habanero sauce for now, and instead bring you Adoboloco’s Bangkok sauce.


Distilled Apple Cider Vinegar, Thai Peppers, Sea Salt, Garlic

If you remember the previous review (or if you clicked on the link up above), you’ll likely notice that the only actual difference between this sauce and its predecessor is the type of peppers involved. This is the Bangkok sauce, and Adoboloco has fittingly used Thai peppers to convey that particular flavor profile.


My original complaint (which was honestly very civilly addressed by Tim Parsons from Adoboloco) still stands: this is one very thin sauce. I’ll concede that such thinness may very well be what they’re going for, but that doesn’t change the fact that this stuff just gets everywhere. This is one case in which the orifice reducer is there to prevent the sauce from spilling all over your food, as opposed to limiting the delivery of heat.

Smell and Taste:

It smells like vinegar to me, but that’s not surprising. To be honest, though, the flavor of the Bangkok sauce is a bit more pronounced than the Jalapeno variety. I don’t know exactly why – maybe it’s a result of the Thai peppers – but this one just tastes less vinegary to me.



There’s more good news to be had with this sauce: it actually has a little kick to it. Whereas I gave the jalapeno variety our lowest heat rating for failing to deliver in that department, Adoboloco’s Bangkok sauce is strong enough to warrant a Medium rating. I kind of want to rate it a little higher, but the heat dissipates far too quickly for me to justify that move. Still, I’m pleased with the spice in this one. I also approve of the flavor this time, and I would say this one rates at a comfortable Nice. I have nothing against the Jalapeno sauce, but the Bangkok just seems so much more balanced to me.

Suggested Uses:

This would be great thrown in with some stir-fry meat and veggies. I’d be willing to bet it would also work on potatoes of all things, since I’ve been eating it on steak-flavored potato chips (maybe that means you should throw it on some steak, too). Just be careful with the liquidity of the sauce.

Final Word:

I’m glad I enjoyed this one. I want to review the Habanero flavor with a clean slate still, but at least I have renewed hopes for it. Look forward to that one in a few weeks.


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