A bottle of Arizona Rub - Pistol Whip flavor.Well congrats to those that stuck with the two previous Arizona Rub posts today, Original and Chipotle.  You’ve made it to the last of today’s trilogy of reviews.  If you’re just now checking in, well, you’ve got some homework to do for being late, because like most trilogies, if you haven’t seen the first two, the third just might not make any sense to you.  Go ahead, read them, I’ll wait here until you get back.  No, seriously, go read them.

All right, well, you either did your due diligence and read the first two, or you’re a big cheater and skipped straight in to this.  If you’re one of our regular readers, I’m guessing you cheated, so I’ll go ahead and tell you about how Arizona Rub is a company that prides themselves on using nothing but naturally occurring spices, and that they spent 5 years in development before they brought their Original flavor to market.  I’ll also summarize that the Original didn’t really do much for heat at all, because it wasn’t formulated to do so, but that the Original and the Chipotle use what I have interpreted to be a nice base chile flavor through the use of Ancho powder, with the later using a touch of chipotle powder to bring up the heat a bit and add a smokey element that almost makes it taste like a naturally occurring dry version of a great BBQ sauce.  From that we move on to the most spicy version of today’s trilogy.


What you won’t get from the previous posts is that this flavor variety of their rub is what I believe to be the hottest one they make, just going by the ingredients and the order that they have it placed on their website.  This is done through the addition of two extra chile peppers in to the mix and the existing ones being moved up the list, indicating a greater volume of overall chile components.  This new, hotter blend includes: Brown sugar, sea salt, chili powder, paprika, habanero, cayenne, black pepper, garlic, onion, crushed red pepper, ground coriander and ground cumin.


One of the first things you notice in the texture and color department is that this blend is quite a bit more red than the previous blends, and you’ll see the inclusion of full chile pepper seeds in this mix as well, which means there was probably plenty of the innards of one of these chiles present during processing.  This means the parts that hold most of a chile’s heat are likely included.  Sounds like I might get a burn this time around.  The overall aroma this time isn’t so sweet, with the inclusion of the cayenne in the mix being quite evident, and this is smelling more like chili mixes that might come with heat warnings on the label.  I’ll note that this is the first of the three that I’ve had to turn my head and sneeze when sniffing, so I’m sure there’s something with a bit of a bite this time around.



This starts out as a salty, slightly sweet chile flavor and then quickly goes straight to bringing some heat from the habanero and cayenne.  Though the black pepper is still included, this is the first mix in which the chiles really out-burn the bite of black pepper, and for those that like aromatics in their food, the onion and garlic components seem to stand out a fair bit more in this mix.  I’m a bit torn on the heat rating here.  On its own, it could be on the low-end of Mean, but considering people would cook with it more than take it by the spoonful, it’s more likely a strong Medium.  There’s the rub in this; this one is so Notable, that I’m almost rethinking the flavor rating I gave the Chipotle one, and also I’m thinking I’d more than just sprinkle this on something, I’d likely cake it on so much that even when cooking with it, it might still be a weak Mean.  Of all the three today, this one is definitely the most well-rounded in flavor, and should definitely bring a little punch to your meal.

A few notes to the brains at Arizona Rub.

1. I’d really like to see you guys let us take a run at reviewing your chorizo seasoning blend.  It’s just not a thing that I’ve seen anyone else do, and I think it sounds interesting.

2. Scrovak just might be the ideal person for one of your “Real Men Rub Their Meat” shirts.  I’m pretty sure he’d wear it with pride.


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