Michael Madsen on EAT MORE HEAT! Live

*UPDATED 9/8* Michael Madsen has CONFIRMED his appearance for 9/11!!! Don’t believe it? Watch this!
*UPDATED 9/5* Unfortunately Michael Madsen was unable to join us for the show. We’ll let you know if we reschedule.
*UPDATED 8/27* – We have to bump Michael Madsen again. We’ve moved his appearance to September 4th, and this looks pretty good. However, we’ll let you know when we know for sure.
*UPDATED 8/20* – We have to change the date for Michael Madsen due to circumstances beyond our control. We are moving him to the 28th, and this is a TENTATIVE date. We will let you know when we confirm the new date.

We don’t normally make such a big deal about one of our live shows a week in advance, but next week isn’t a normal week. On Tuesday, August 21st our special guest will be actor, poet and all-around badass Michael Madsen!

The primary reason he’s joining us is he likes to converse with other badasses, and I guess we can talk about his American Badass Products too. All joking aside, we are really honored that Mr. Madsen is taking time out of his busy schedule to join us. If you have any questions you would like us to ask Mr. Madsen make sure to post them in the comments!

One Response to Michael Madsen on EAT MORE HEAT! Live

  1. John Huber says:

    This is awesome news. After recently trying all 3 of the sauces from American Bad Ass Products, I am very interested in hearing what others have to say about them. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed all three.

    Kudos for getting Mr. Blonde to do an interview with you guys. I will definitely be tuning in on Tuesday.

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