Okay, okay, so it isn’t really May anymore, which means it isn’t technically National Salsa Month. However, even with David’s review yesterday, I couldn’t let the celebration end without one more salsa post. Besides, this particular product has been hiding in my pantry, just waiting for a chance in the spotlight, and I think you’ll find it’s a pretty different take on the standard red salsa. Anyway, I think that’s enough expository banter. Without further ado, let me introduce My Brother’s Salsa, specifically the Cranberry Orange variety.


Cranberries, Cane Sugar, Tomatoes, Orange Juice from Concentrate, Orange Peel, Tomato Paste, Fresh Jalapeno Peppers, Crushed Red Pepper, Fresh Serrano Peppers, Spices, Distilled Vinegar, Sea Salt, Fresh Garlic

This list is only a tad longer than the lists of my previous product reviews, and it’s worth pointing out that, just as I like to see, everything in this jar is completely natural. More interesting, though, is that tomatoes, the staple of any red salsa, only get as high as third billing in this stuff. That’s highly unusual, and should make for a noticeably different composition in terms of flavor, especially given that the top two ingredients are fruit and sugar.


In truth, it doesn’t look much different than a typical salsa, at least as it sits in the jar. However, this salsa’s consistency is markedly different from that of its cousins. Perhaps thanks to the order and ratio of ingredients, its viscosity is somewhere between salsa and jelly levels of thickness. Though not quite solid like many store-bought jellies and jams seem to be, it certainly lacks the runniness and drippiness of other salsas I’ve had. To put it in other terms, this stuff stays on the chip really well.

Smell and Taste:

I’m actually not sure what I’m smelling. Cranberries have a weird, almost earthy sort of smell to them, so that’s probably what this stuff smells like. It certainly does not smell like the typical tomato and herbs of most salsas. Heck, it doesn’t even taste much like a salsa. The tomato and pepper flavors are barely noticeable, stepping out of the way in favor of the cranberry-orange dichotomy.



Not surprisingly for a fruit-based salsa, this stuff is pretty weak. Then again, I didn’t have high hopes, heat-wise, for a salsa that focuses so much on the fruity flavor. This one is definitely a Mild, no arguments (even though the jar is labeled as Medium). As for its flavor, though, I really wish we had some kind of variable Unique rating. This is truly the strangest salsa I have tasted, specifically because it tastes so unlike a salsa. This stuff could easily be relabeled as some sort of jalapeno jelly. Its unique flavor may turn heads, though not necessarily in the right direction. For my purposes, though, I’ll give it a Nice. I truly like it, and I’m curious to discover what else I can do with this odd little jar.

Suggested Uses:

I’m kind of tempted to try making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with this, but that might turn out to be kind of gross. It would definitely go well with chicken, though. In fact, it would make a fantastic alternative to dressing on top of a salad.

Fun Fact:

This isn’t really my brother’s salsa. I don’t even know if my brother has ever made salsa. If you’re curious, you can read the story of how this product line got its name here.


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