I hope you folks enjoyed National Salsa Month as much as I did. I, for one, still have plenty of leftovers, but it is time to move on to other things. We’re going in a different direction today, featuring a grilling sauce courtesy of Culinary Twist.

But first, a disclaimer! Because my wife and I live in an apartment, the only grilling we really have the facilities to do involves a small George Foreman grill. Alas, grilling is not my area of expertise, but I do still know good flavor and heat when I taste them. Let’s see if Bora Bora Sweet Spice Grilling Sauce makes the cut.


Water, Dates, Tamarinds, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Spices, Chile Powder, Orange Peel

I’ve never seen anything quite like this list. Oh, sure, you get your standard fare like water and chile powder, but the presence of dates and tamarinds has me interested. I’ve not had many opportunities to eat dates in my life, but living in South Texas has afforded me numerous chances to become acquainted with the flavor of tamarind. Though not really a flavor for everyone, tamarind does have a sweet flavor that can mix well into other things. It isn’t something I would prefer to eat by itself, but that isn’t an issue here.


Bora Bora is a murky brown concoction. Though a little on the thin side, it does seem to be pretty sticky, which leads me to believe that it could coat some meat pretty well. Otherwise, there’s not much to look at.

Smell and Taste:

This tall, skinny bottle definitely smells of tamarind. In particular, it smells like a lot of the Mexican tamarind candy. Like the tamarind, it is also fairly sweet, and even has a honey-like flavor (despite the lack of any actual honey in the ingredients).



Despite the label’s promise of “Sweet Spice,” Culinary Twist only gets it half right. There’s no real spice to speak of in this bottle, so I can’t give it any higher than a Mild. That’s not a problem, though, if the flavor is compelling enough to make up for it, but Bora Bora falls a little short in that department as well. Though not bad by any means, it isn’t really what I want out of a sweet heat flavor. I’m giving this a Nominal precisely because it is enjoyable, but I don’t love it enough to go any higher with it. Still, those of you who jump at the chance to eat anything tamarind-based will probably love this stuff.

Suggested Uses:

Beef and pork are the suggested uses, and I could definitely see this as a useful tool for sweetening a rack of ribs. I did try it on a burger, but the flavor didn’t really pop out enough for me to notice it. In terms of its flavor profile, Bora Bora is pretty mild and subtle, so don’t use it on something or with other ingredients that will overpower it.

Fun Fact:

Each of Culinary Twist’s products is based on an exotic travel destination, and they all makes use of their namesakes’ specialties. Although I didn’t have the highest of praise for Bora Bora, I liked it enough that I’m looking forward to trying the other two Culinary Twist items I have. Check back in a couple of weeks for the next one.


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