It’s back to the Maui Pepper Co. (courtesy of Tahiti Joe’s) today. I recently reviewed one of their products, and I found it quite enjoyable. That particular blend packed a wonderful mango-based flavor, and coupled it with a surprisingly mean heat. Needless to say, that’s the kind of thing we’re looking for here. Well, today I’m reviewing their Apples Ass variety, which, as you can probably deduce from the name, is largely based on apples. The Maui Pepper Co. has a lot to live up to after the last review, so let’s hope for more great sauce.


Apple Butter, Vinegar, Apple Juice, Mango, Apples, Onion, Brown Sugar, Honey, Habanero, Rum Extract, Garlic, Vanilla Extract, Tic Gum

Oh man, apple butter. That stuff is my favorite reason for occasional visits to a certain Southern-style restaurant and country store. It is the perfect biscuit topping, and it’s fantastic to see it as the primary ingredient for this sauce. I’m also happy to see the rum extract int here; even though I doubt I’ll be able to taste it, it is a scientific fact that apple cider and rum were made with each other in mind. Overall, this is a nice list, and I see nothing objectionable!


Apples Ass is brown, but not murky brown. Instead, it’s basically the color of a cinnamon apple sauce, though obviously thickened by the presence of honey. It’s also a little pulpy, with bits of mango and apple (and possibly habanero) floating around. In all, I’d say this is an attractive and natural-looking sauce.

Smell and Taste:

There’s that apple butter again! I love that smell. Of course, it’s a bit more complex than that, since the habaneros insist on making their presence known as well, leading to a smell that is both fruity and spicy. The flavor is sweet, but not terribly so, with the right combination of apple goodness and habanero bite.



If that ratings table looks familiar, it’s because I used the exact same ratings for the Smokin’ Mangoes Chipotle sauce by the same company. What’s a little funny here is that the on-the-label heat scale rates this one as slightly above a medium, whereas its sister sauce hit the very tip of the thermometer. Nevertheless, the bite on this one is instantly apparent. It may not last all that long (unlike some more subtle sauces), but it’s pretty Mean while it’s there. The apple butter flavor is also quite Notable. Honestly, they could have just bottled some apple butter by itself and I would have loved that, but they had the decency to add some of the staples of hot sauce, and the end result is fantastic.

Suggested Uses:

I need to get myself a biscuit and just slather this stuff on there. I bet it would be delicious. It’s definitely good on chicken, though, and also goes well on tamales (though tamales are a little hard to find around this time of year – wait until winter, I guess). I also like it on some jalapeno poppers.

Fun Fact:

For the sake of full disclosure, this isn’t my first date Apples Ass. Still, I was very pleased to see it arrive in the mail for my review. I don’t know if that really qualifies as a Fun Fact, but I do know that you should try this sauce. Get to it.


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