Somehow I found my way back on TV. Tonight on Fox 26 Houston News at 9 they will be airing my new segment about the Little Bitty Burger Barn. The newscast starts at 9PM CST and they usually air my segment during the 2nd half hour. If you live in Houston make sure to set your DVRs! If you don’t live in Houston don’t worry. You can still watch it live here.

If you have a social life (unlike me), and won’t be near a computer tonight we’ve still got you covered. Fox 26 always posts an online archive, and I will post it here in the morning. You can also check out some of my past Fox 26 segments in the Related Heat below.

Note: If you’re looking for this week’s entry in our beef jerky championship I’m going to wait until next week to post it. We don’t want new visitors getting the wrong idea about the site due to our abnormal name for the contest.



  • Manfred 2012 Apr 27 / 21:48

    I watched the segment this evening with interest as I ate at the Itty Bitty Burger Barn for the first time a month or so back. It’s an interesting joint and I wanted to like it, but I will not be back any time soon. The burger was nothing to write about. I encourage you check out P.O.’s Burger Barn at 12710 Telge Road, Cypress, Texas 77429. Get their Hot Bob, with your choice of meat. It isn’t the hottest burger in Harris County, but it’s one of the best burgers anywhere.

  • Ace 2012 Apr 30 / 11:24

    Unless the LBBB has changed their burger meat from the standard frozen low quality stuff that I had there several times, the place is serving nothing special. These guys even ruined the burger bun by MICROWAVING it for TOO LONG. It’s bad enough to microwave the bread but have you ever tasted bread that was OVER-microwaved? Awful stuff.

  • James 2012 May 01 / 16:45

    Ace, I think your experience was an isolated one. The meat was good quality and fresh, and the buns came right out of the bag and into the toaster. You should give them another shot.

  • Joyce Baker 2012 Jun 18 / 22:03

    LBBB is pretty good. If you need a burger for lunch and are in the area, it’ll do. Miller’s on Shepherd is better though. If you need HEAT, take a drive to Seabrook (near Kemah Boardwalk) and go to Tookies. It’s back and just as flavorful as ever. Have the Stomps Icehouse Special. Plenty of HEAT and lots of delicious marinated beef. OMG it is DE-LISH!

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