I know, the title is certainly a mouthful.  It would be even longer if I included the manufacturer, but I decided against it.  Anyway, I have with me a bottle of Dr. Scoville’s Extract Of Capsicum Annuum Cayenne Pepper Sauce, made by Scoville Foods Institute.  Immediately I have an issue with this sauce – despite scouring the bottle, there is no website listed.  Because i couldn’t find one, I linked to the same site provided by the manufacturer for the previous two bottles I rated.  Anyway, on to the review:


Aged Red Peppers, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Xanthan Gum


Aside from the labeling, this particular sauce looks like any other generic ‘hot’ sauce.  Texas Pete, Tabasco, Franks Red Hot, and this bottle, or at least the liquid contained therein, all look the same.  The label is what differentiates this bottle.  It looks like a rustic, antique label you’d find on an old bottle of medicine or such from the wild west.  Up the side of the bottle reads ‘Flavor Tonic #9’ and at the bottom of the label is this little blurb – “Adds flavor to everything you eat”.  Aside this interesting label, I’m not seeing or smelling anything particularly special about this stuff, other than their testament to being all natural and using no preservatives.



It’s as if the bottle read ‘contains a slightly worn penny’ and I opened the bottle to find that penny.  Sorry, that’s an analogy.  What it means, is that the ingredients led me to believe there was nothing special or spectacular about this sauce and, trying it, I’d have to agree with my predisposition.  It’s a bit salty, but lacking in pep, fireworks, or anything to set it apart from generic cayenne pepper sauces.  In the fire department, I give this a mild, and in the flavor department, I give it neutral.  It’s not bad by any means, but it’s definitely not great either.

Suggested Uses

I can’t really pinpoint anything specific this sauce would go great on.  Instead, this sauce would be alright on pretty much anything you’d be inclined to put it on.


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