Here we go again! Since the war for the world’s hottest chile is becoming a monthly thing, then I will start doing a monthly segment about it.

Thanks to a story from a local NPR affiliate in South Carolina; the race for the hottest chile pepper in the world is back in full force. Ed Currie, a grower from Rock Hill, SC says his HP22B chile is the new hotness, and the Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T” is old and busted. I will do my best to talk to Ed, Dr. Cliff Calloway, and everyone else involved as soon as possible, but until then you can watch the video of the NPR host trying this chile.



  • ed currie 2011 Nov 15 / 13:42


  • Travis Harris 2012 Feb 21 / 15:19

    I really want to try these peppers, is there any way to get some? I keep trying to find something I consider hot and the scorpions do not have it.

  • Ted Barrus 2012 Jun 21 / 14:47

    Going to be trying the peppers in the next few days =)

  • Patrick Wright 2012 Jun 22 / 23:52

    Holy wow! Any way at all I can get some of these? I’ll video review them just like Ted Barrus. His video sent me here, and I would just LOVE to get a hold of a pod or two of these bad boys! If you can, please, hit me up via email or my youtube.

  • Pepper Joe 2012 Aug 25 / 16:12

    The press release proving the Carolina Reaper to be the next Worlds Champion Hottest Pepper debuts on 8/27/12. Seeds are only available at and at

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