New History Channel Show ‘Hairy Bikers’

Hairy Bikers Paul Patranella (left) and Bill Allen (right)

In one week you will get a sneak peek of the new History Channel show ‘Hairy Bikers‘. October 10th at 10/9c the first episode will air. Four days later on Friday, October 14th at 10/9c the official series premiere will air on History with back-to-back episodes of this unique food show.

About now, you might be asking “Why are you telling me this James?” Good question. First let me suggest you either like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. Then you would know why I’m telling you. However, I know not everyone enjoys the social networking, so I’m sharing here too.

Friday, October 21st at 10/9c yours truly (along with John and David) will be making our national television debut on the History Channel! We will join hosts Paul Patranella and Bill Allen at the historic West Alabama Icehouse to stage an Ultra-Hot Chile Burger Challenge.

In addition to the EAT MORE HEAT! crew joining the Hairy Bikers for this spicy burger challenge; they also visited Shawna at Kearley Seeds and Pepper Co. to get the ultra-hot ammunition for this blazing battle.

I want to sincerely thank the producers of Hairy Bikers for giving us this amazing opportunity. It’s hard to believe how far our little site has progressed in the last 30 months, and we will continue to make it our mission to help the fiery foods industry become more than the grocery store.

P.S. – If you need a reminder about when the episode airs: RSVP for the Facebook event or add it to your calendar.

2 Responses to New History Channel Show ‘Hairy Bikers’

  1. Doug Thornton...The Redneck Gourmet says:

    Seems funny that they tried some more heat…Me and my cooking crew (The Redneck Gourmets) are in the Sneak preview and they were complaining about getting too much hot sauce in their frog legs.. really enjoyed filming with them…hope you enjoy our episode and you can count on me watching yours…from one chilihead to another!!!

  2. Paul you and Bill Rock , enjoy the show …Allmost pissed my pants with Bill eating those hot peppers that one episode . hahahahaha
    Chef D
    Mile Zero Alaska Hwy Dawson Creeek British Columbia Canada….

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