Ladies and gents, I am honored to present this week’s Fiery Friday product: Ghostly Pumpkin BBQ Sauce, courtesy of Nephew’s.  I first ran across this stuff last year, when I bought it as part of a Halloween deal of some kind.  I loved it a year ago, so I was quite pleased to receive a fresh jar in the mail this week.


Ketchup (tomato concentrate, sugar, vinegar, salt, onion powder, spice and natural flavors), Pumpkin, Worcestershire Sauce (dextrose, salt, sugar, caramel color, silicon dioxide [to prevent caking], garlic spices, citric acid, natural spice extractives [annatto color, water]), Apple Cider (water, apple concentrate), Apple Cider Vinegar, Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend, Brown Sugar, Kosher Salt, Spices, Garlic Powder, Liquid Smoke Flavor, Jolokia Chili Pepper, Onion.

Well, so that’s quite the list of ingredients.  You folks know I prefer my short lists (I think I’ve said that every week now), and this one is far from short.  Still, there’s not much artificial in here, so I’m good with it overall.  My only complaint with it, and it’s a relatively big complaint, is that the Jolokia, the ghost pepper advertised in the product’s name, is one of the last ingredients.  That tells me that there’s not really much jolokia packed into this jar, which also means that there’s not much heat in it, either.


What is there to say?  Ghostly Pumpkin looks like a brown barbecue sauce.  It’s a fairly thick sauce, too, so I advise using a spoon or a knife for this one.  There really isn’t much more to say here.

Smell and Taste:

The pumpkin spice smell is pretty obvious upon opening the jar.  Some sauces smell spicy, even to the point of causing  irritation.  Ghostly Pumpkin, despite the presence of the ghost peppers, isn’t one of those sauces.  Instead, it smells rather sweet, like a cross between ketchup and pumpkin pie (a notion reflected in the ingredients).  While I would personally never consider eating ketchup on my pumpkin pie, the combination of smells and flavors here works quite well.   As with the smell, the flavor is a little on the sweet side.  There’s not really much heat here, but the pumpkin spice melds tremendously well with the tomato base.



Nephew’s Ghostly Pumpkin BBQ sauce barely hits Medium-level heat.  There’s a slight spiciness, but it still is nowhere near the level of heat suggested by the name and label.  This might very well be the weakest jolokia-based sauce I’ve ever tasted.  On the other hand, the flavor is fantastic, easily earning a Notable rating.  Indeed, this is truly a delicious barbecue sauce, which is precisely why I was so pleased to receive another jar of it.  Ghostly Pumpkin is the perfect sauce for the season, and can easily fit with a large variety of dishes.  In fact…

Suggested Uses:

Sandwiches, chicken strips, sweet potatoes, lamb-burgers.  Those are the dishes with which I have eaten Nephew’s Ghostly Pumpkin Barbecue Sauce.  I don’t mean “ever,” either.  I mean “in the last two days.”  This stuff is so good that it goes well with practically anything that you would eat with a normal barbecue sauce.  While it isn’t spicy, I imagine chileheads could add some heat with an extract of some kind without hurting the delicious flavor.  I recall trying this on some steak last year as well, and that was predictably fantastic.  Try it out.

I don’t know about you but I’m already looking forward to next fall.



  • J. Paul Abrams 2011 Oct 28 / 20:51

    this is a great sauce to use with seafood and even a meatloaf…. We even use it on pizzas. Love this stuff

  • Jeffrey Belmonti 2011 Nov 12 / 13:01

    Glad to see that Nephew’s sauces are getting some more good press. Many great sauces and some great flavors, pumpkin is just one of the unique sauces that we sell. They also have a Cherrypolte and Orange that is just fantastic as well. Thanks for the thoughtful review!

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