HELLO!! Greetings from the other side of the pond, over here in rainy old England. My name’s Darth Naga and I’ve been asked by James Wreck himself to review products for the EAT MORE HEAT! website. He offered me fame, fortune (in mayan gold) and hot sauces…so how could I refuse??
The sauce I have decided to review this week is one by “Mad Dog” aka David Ashley, and it’s called Liquid Fire. I don’t know a massive amount about the company as I haven’t reviewed any of their products before, suffice to say that David Ashley is a bit of psychopathic alchemist and has been creating sauce for over 18 years, starting off with “Mad Dog BBQ Sauce” and going on to build the now famous “357” range of sauces, that have an almighty kick!


Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Garlic, Bird’s Eye Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Onion, Unsulphered Molasses, Herbs, Spices, Concentrated Pepper Extract and Xanthan Gum

(Review bottle provided by www.hot-headz.com)


This sauce has a relatively uniform light brown colour to it, with flecks of black, white and red throughout with a smooth and pourable texture, no silly cap in the end means this one is ready to be poured over anything you desire! The label adorning this industry standard 150ml bottle is done in a very high quality but smartly only using red, black, yellow and white to give off the illusion that this is a very hot sauce, with large flames covering the entire label, a dog with a chefs hat on (the proverbial “mad dog” no doubt!) and the words “LIQUID FIRE” in big capital letters you’d be forgiven for thinking that this sauce could potentially ruin your day!



Upon twisting off the cap and taking a whiff, I am greeted by a very strong curry-like smell, its a very strange smell for a hotsauce to have in my opinion and not one I have come across too often, I can only attribute this scent to the “herbs and spices” as there is no other ingredient that would cause this sauce to smell like curry, that and we don’t know what the “herbs and spices” are as they are not listed on the bottle!

The flavour is almost mustard-esque (Is that a word?? It is now!) with a strong punch of garlic and a very sweet background flavour, no doubt from the molasses, I can’t taste any of the tomato at all and the heat, although touted on the bottle as “howling hot” is only a low whimper, enough to make your tongue sing, but not enough for the fire brigade to be called out!

Suggested uses:

Due to the interesting and unique flavour I would say this would probably go well in any curry or middle eastern dish, with red meat and poultry, me personally? Given the heat level of this product I would splash it all over fries with a little mayo and enjoy the nice slow burn as I get my munch on! Saying that I would advise anyone to give this a try as a table condiment rather than adding it to food, the low heat and interesting flavour would make this a welcome addition to anyones dinner table!

So, there you have it, my first (but hopefully not my last!) review for EatMoreHeat.com, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you, always!!


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