Are you ready for some f*****g hot chilli sauce? Good! We are too!

In the second installment of our live show, tonight we will be talking more about Fiery Foods UK, and reviewing Skobiyan F*****g Hot Chilli Sauce. This sauce is made by Neil Smith. He’s the guy that got the world record for the Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T”, and his sauce just happens to use lots of Trinidad Scorpions.

Included below is the special live show archive from earlier today. See you at 9E/6P!

Adjust the volume if there’s no sound.


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  • Condoag 2011 Sep 19 / 15:25


    I was sad that you were in the UK and not at the Houston Hot Sauce festival.Would have been cool to meet ya in person. Did enjoy meeting Shawna and discussing growing peppers. I have Butch T’s ,Fatalis, Moruga scorps, Bhuts and a bunch of habs. I watched the video and decided to eat a spoonful of the Skobyian as well. I had the same reaction you did for the most part. But since I’ve been putting the stuff in chili and on wings it doesn’t hurt too bad. No water! No milk!

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