Well folks, I had a nice little review all lined up for y’all, complete with ratings and everything, it looked professional, it was awesome. Unfortunately, as the title suggests, my internet at home sucks. So, while away for a friend’s going away party, I was forced to stoop to the lowest of lows.

I actually purchased a gas station spicy pickled sausage. No, I don’t normally stoop to such levels, but I had to for yall.


mechanically separated chicken, pork, salt, and a whole bunch of crap I can’t spell.



Heat is nil. Nothing. Its like vinegar and cinnamon. Cinegar, if you will. Flavor, I’d have to go with gym sock again. I couldn’t actually finish eating this it was so bad. Also, I’m typing thois for yall from my phone which is also being stupid, soi can’t see any already typed text..m


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  • ZachLeaf 2011 Jul 09 / 23:02

    Amusing yet accurate.

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