Scroturday again, oh wait, it’s Scrunday now.  Unlike last weekend, I am sober.  Ish.  As y’all have heard from our live broadcasts, and the write-ups and photos all over Facebook (you are a sexy beast, Captain Thom!), we had some great times at NOLA, saw some great people, and met more great people.  This includes Michele from Intensity Academy.  I must give a shout out to her specifically because she knows the fastest way to a mans heart: through his stomach.  In addition to a wonderful bacon pasta recipe, I managed to get my hands on a fabulous creation…

Made famous recently by Starbucks, cake pops are the latest trend in dessert pop culture.  Or so I’m told.  I’ve seen all the cool people eating them.  Intensity Academy is taking this HOT new trend to a FIERY new level (see what I did there?). These decadent bites of Bhut Jolokia Joy are created with blends of the finest dark chocolates & ghost pepper powder.  I will note I got that bit about the chocolate from Michele.  To me, chocolate is chocolate is chocolate is yummy.  She said it’s fancy, and it tastes better than Hershey’s, so I’ll have to agree.  These new Ghost Pepper Cake Pops will be featured exclusively at hot sauce shows.  I’ve only seen them at NOLA, but I hope they continue to craft these crazy potent pops.


Cake, chocolate, pop, jolokia powder, stick.


As you can see from my photo, the Jolokia powder is just thrown right on there, likely fresh after dipping.  One of these pops I’ve had the pleasure of nomming actually had a smiley face made out of the little white crunchies on top.  That smiley face made me smile.  The smell, I will say, is a bit teasing.  It smells like fancy, rich dark chocolate.  Because it is coated in it.  However, due to the smokey taste and flavor of the Jolokia, the pepper’s warning cry is masked by the chocolate in a deliciously devious way to prank your friends.



I went ahead and rated this a mean in heat category, which is surprising for a product that contains Jolokia.  Perhaps it’s the thickness of the chocolate coating, or any milk fat it’s made with, or perhaps the quantity of Jolokia.  Whatever it was, something dialed back the heat a bit.  Don’t worry, it’s still spicy enough to prank people, and to give you a good kick in the teeth, but it’s not so spicy that it’s a Chuck Norris kick in the teeth.

In the flavor rating, I want to give it a notable, however after eating the cake pop, I burped.  I don’t know if it was the Full Throttle I drank an hour before hand, the ghost pepper in the pop, the chocolate itself, or the three of them combined, but when I burped, it was a tad unpleasant, and I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why.  I was going to give this pop a nice, however I just burped again, and tasted guarana.  I have sufficiently established the nasty burp was not the pop’s fault.  It was the Full Throttle.  The Full Throttle energy drink gets a bad rating.  Don’t buy them.  They suck.  The Ghost Pepper Cake Pop by Intensity Academy, on the other hand, is a Notable delight.



  • Buddah 2011 Jul 24 / 19:06

    Oh damn, I left my freebie in the hotel fridge. grrrrr

  • Kevin (BBQ Smoker Site) 2011 Jul 24 / 23:48

    Wow. First, when I hear Ghost Pepper… I normally Run! However, this might be worth a try.

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