It took at little longer to get everything in order this year, but we can FINALLY confirm that the EAT MORE HEAT! crew will be in Rehoboth Beach, DE this weekend for Peppers at the Beach!

We’re still working out the details since we just got our plane tickets on Friday, but what we know so far is that we’ll be there and we’ll be broadcasting live this weekend. If you live anywhere near Delaware, then you should definitely check it out!

Here’s the list of vendors that are confirmed so far (with hyperlinks):

Obviously there are far too many vendors to cover them all on the show, so we’ll figure out a way to share as much as possible without getting boring.

All the other spicy blogs have stuff going on too. Their posts about the event are here: Hot Sauce Daily, I Love It Spicy.

We’ll post more as Saturday approaches, and look for info about tonight’s live show shortly.



  • Marilyn aka HotSauceChick 2011 May 17 / 17:57

    Hey James, you did an awesome job at The Fiery Food & BBQ Show in Albuquerque. We were very impressed!

    We hope you can join us at the Bloggers Roundtable 2 at Peppers at the Beach! See you there!

  • Moth Eater 2011 May 17 / 18:33

    Look forward to meeting you guys there on Saturday!!

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