This is starting to get ridiculous. I do this every day, and even I can hardly keep up. Just as the Trinidad Scorpion is making news as the NEW hottest pepper on the planet, a newer contender enters the ring.

A Twitter account popped up yesterday claiming that a chile called the “Purple Naga” has tested hotter than the Scorpion at 1,581,800 SHU.

The tests were allegedly run at the Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology. There’s no way to tell if it’s legit or not at this point, but I will follow this story closely to see if the record has indeed been broken AGAIN!

In addition to eating lots of Trinidad Scorpions, we’ll definitely have to talk about this on the live show tonight at 9E/6P. See you then!



  • Phil 2011 Apr 26 / 13:49

    lololol …. purple, eh? Ok. Purple it is. I want some seeds then.

    Even my Cherokee ‘Purple’ Bell peppers are NOT the glowing purple that that thing is. Photoshopped? Maybe? My purple bell peppers come out almost black.

    This ‘Hottest pepper record’ thing IS getting far beyond confusing. Now it’s getting asinine (imho). Cheers!

  • James 2011 Apr 26 / 13:54

    It is perty, ain’t it?

  • Scott Roberts 2011 Apr 26 / 14:01

    Sounds a little dubious to me. I saw this Twitter account over the weekend and noticed they have not provided any links, press releases or proof that this has been tested at 1.58 mil SHU.

  • Jim Flowers 2011 Apr 26 / 14:13

    I used my international calling card lol. The “institute” does exist and they transferred me when heard me say “Purple Naga”. Then I talked to someone, I could not really understand, but I did understand “India Today”. He then said something like press inquiries and another phone number but I am not spending another $10!

  • JAC’s Tailgaters 2011 Apr 26 / 14:26

    Sterling Kaiser has some purple Naga’s you might put up against the Scorpions tonight. he is right in your home town.
    This whole thing is getting a little crazy, wish there was one place that had to be the official testing place. All this is doing is causing us small companies a lot of heart burn. As we try to stay up and keep our customers happy we are constanly having to change. Even if these reports are not legit Customers still think they are and will swear they know more than us.

  • James 2011 Apr 26 / 14:31

    @Scott – Agreed, but according to the account they just got the test results on Sunday.

    @Jim – I did some research on the “institute”, and they are legit.

    @Jac’s – I need to meet that guy! I feel your pain though. Potentially 4 world records broken in 3 months. Total insanity.

  • CaJohn 2011 Apr 26 / 14:46


    You met him at Carol’s show. He was right across from me. He is on facebook as is his girlfriend, both talking chiles all the time. He has a few of the purple bhut plants for sale. I told all of you the Indians wouldn’t take this laying down!

  • Phil 2011 Apr 26 / 18:48

    Wow….I take it back when I sounded doubtful. I guess it’s true. I want some. Gorgeous color!

  • Butch Taylor 2011 Apr 26 / 19:06

    That sure is a pretty color on that pod, lol. I heard the only report of this started from a single Twitter account. If it’s true I’ll have to open my “X file”
    and see what I can come up with. (Don’t worry, I’ll save seeds! lol)
    Butch T

  • Jim Flowers 2011 Apr 26 / 23:46

    I was able to stream the radio broadcast from Maharashtra, India, but I could not understand the Hindi. A few words were in English though, so I caught “scoville” and “Butch T” of all things. The rest, well, I tried my best, but did not understand. Funny how the commercial for some movie wall ALL English.

    This is so exciting, it’s like some weird espionage assignment 🙂

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