Leave it to the fiery foods world to crucify hoaxers quickly. Remember the post yesterday about the alleged new hottest chile? It’s a hoax, and the Twitter account that allegedly represented the chile is gone.

Sorry for all the fuss. The Trinidad Scorpion is still the hottest, and we found that out first hand last night. As you were, and EAT MORE HEAT!

Big thanks goes out to Nick for the investigative work AND the heads up!



  • chilli temple 2011 Apr 27 / 14:15

    I still rate the jalepeno the hottest and tastiest pepper of all tim, scorps are like eatin a yoghurt compared to a good jal!!!!!

  • Phil 2011 Apr 27 / 14:19

    HA! My ‘gut’ told me so…I shoulda stuck to my doubts. CaJohn was the turning point. For my decision at least. But it was just TOOOO Purple!

    Fooled again. :/

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