The response for the Friday Jerk Off has been lackluster at best. We’ve had 3 contestants so far; Ed’s Roadhouse Beef Jerky, Blair’s Sudden Death Jerky, and House of Jerky. We haven’t had any other entries, so I guess bragging rights aren’t good enough for you folks. That’s OK, because I’m upping the ante.

The overall winner of the Friday Jerk Off will now be getting a FREE banner in the sidebar of the site for the rest of the year listing them as our Best Jerky of 2011, and link to their review. Our site has averaged over 5,000 visitors per month so far this year, and every future visitor will see this banner. If that’s not good enough for you, then you can keep your damn jerky!

Here’s the deal. You must notify us (via our contact page) of your entry by next Friday 4/22/11, and we must receive your product by 4/29/11. You need to send us the hottest jerky you make, and entries will be reviewed every Friday on a first come, first served basis. The winner will be chosen when we run out of entries.

This contest isn’t about who makes the hottest jerky. It’s about who can find that delicate balance between fire and flavor in the form of dried beef snacks. The next bag of jerky I get will be reviewed next Friday, so send now to our address at the bottom of the contact page if you’re ready. I look forward to the rest of the entries, and good luck to everyone!



  • Candice 2011 Apr 15 / 19:03

    I wanted to enter mine and asked how on your facebook but no one got back to me! It won’t get there in time now from Australia 🙁 Heatseekers Chilli

  • James 2011 Apr 16 / 12:35

    That’s why you have to use the contact form here! It will take longer than 2 weeks to get here?

  • Mike 2012 May 14 / 16:40

    I would like to enter the hottest beef jerky that I make.
    I call it THE DAMNED !!! I’m sure that it is hotter than
    any jerky you have had so far.

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