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This is the third installment of four based on a multi-pack received of Louisiana Gold.  The first two that we covered, the Wasabi Sauce and the Horseradish Sauce were two new specialty offerings, and didn’t do very well.  Now it’s time to get down what started it all for Louisiana Gold and see if perhaps the old tried and true original recipe will be better.


Fire – No score

Flavor – No score

Well folks, we had a false start on this one.  During the unwrapping of the food safety plastic, it was quickly apparent that the cap was a little loose during the packaging.  There was product leaking out underneath the plastic that had crystallized and aged, and it wouldn’t be fair to Bruce Foods Corp. to review a product that could not be guaranteed to be at the freshness level they intended it to be eaten at.  I’ll be contacting them to get a replacement bottle for review, but in the meantime, I’ll be cracking open the last bottle in the pack, which is their Jalapeno Pepper Sauce.  Stay tuned next week for the final bottle to be reviewed and then we’ll be moving on to the next manufacturer.  Just remember, if you know someone who makes a great product that the world doesn’t know about yet, have them fill out the form on our Contact Us page so we can get with them to check out their product!


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