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It’s Tuesday, not Scroturday, so for today you can call me John Scroslack.  I didn’t get to post or even write my review this weekend because I stayed at the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at, where I could connect to the wireless router, but the signal wouldn’t go anywhere.  The Super college educated technician at the front desk told me it was probably because ‘Some guy is downloading lots of porn and junk.  Tough luck.’  As I walked away from the front desk all angry-like, ignoring the porn noises coming from his back room, I cursed the name of Señor Johnson and his line of mediocre hotels.  Anyway, better late than never, here is my review of Mama Vincente Crab Dip – Spinach and Crab, which is available at Peppers.


CHOPPED SPINACH, TOMATO SAUCE (Tomato Puree, Salt, Red Peppers, Spices, Citric Acid), LUMP CRAB MEAT, PORT WINE, AGED CAYENNE PEPPERS, VINEGAR, OLIVE OIL, MUSTARD FLOUR, PECORINO ROMANO CHEESE (Pasteurized Sheep’s Milk, Salt, Rennet), LIME JUICE, BALSAMIC VINEGAR, PASTEURIZED HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM (Heavy Cream, Skim Milk, Contains less than 1% of each of the following ingredients: Mono and Diglycerides, Polysorbate 80 and Carrageenan), GARLIC, SPICES & HERBS, CITRIC ACID, SALT


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Honestly folks, I can’t put much here because over the weekend I tore my right cornea, so I’m not going to describe it, you can look at it from the inside yourselves!



For an instant crab dip, this is pretty good.  The crab dip I get at my local watering hole is cheesy and greasy, and really the only comparison I have.  Compared to that crab dip, this stuff is pretty great.  You’re supposed to mix 1/2 jar with  8 ounces of cream cheese to make the dip, though I first recommend heating the dip before you mix it, and sprinkle some cheese on top.  Yum.  Anyway I don’t have much time to write this because my eye feels like it’s about to fall out from staring at the back-lit screen, so I’m going to go ahead and give my ratings, if you have any questions, hop over to our Live Show TONIGHT at 9pm EST and feel free to ask me about it!  Fire rating, mild, it’s not a spicy dip at all, and a flavor rating, I give it a nice for nommability!


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  • FIREHEAD THOMAS 2011 Mar 01 / 10:30

    I don’t know Johnny, the fact that you are eating crab dip from a jar is rather disturbing to this Marylander….

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