When last we spoke about the Naga Viper I was slightly skeptical about the unbelievable heat that this pepper was producing. However I did make one thing clear. If Gerald Fowler‘s super chile was able to attain the world record, then I would consume this hybrid with open mouth.

Well, it’s official.

Let me be the first at our little site to congratulate Gerald, and tell all the naysayers to shut your chileholes.

Next step, get one of these bad boys to eat during the live broadcast. Come on Gerald! I’ve been asking for months! Hook a bloke up!



  • Sam 2011 Feb 28 / 12:00

    I’m not ascared, bring on the Vipers!

  • Xero 2011 Feb 28 / 19:36

    I am frightened, but bring on the vipers

  • CaJohn 2011 Mar 01 / 16:04

    We will have a limited supply of 2 ounce bottles of Trinidad Scorpion puree. Courtesy of Jim Duffy and Marlin Bensinger who grew these chiles. Stop by and taste the sting of the Scorpion and the bite of the Bhut Jolokia puree. Then you can decide which is your favorite! I wouldn’t suggest a back-to-back tasting, you might ruin your visit to the show!!!

    PS-I would have bottled some Naga Viper too, but there are none to be had…
    Same thing with the Infinity chile….

  • Chris 2011 Mar 12 / 11:36

    Get ready for the hot sauce manufacturers moving quickly to adding the Naga Viper into their sauces. I cannot wait for the first one to arrive.

  • Goonie Nick 2011 Mar 14 / 21:39

    CaJohn where can I order your scorpion sauce?

  • martinurbinacartin 2016 Jan 08 / 09:56

    Scobille scale ??

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