Horseradish Sauce. It’s usually relegated to the side item for a prime rib cut. On occasion it’s added to some ketchup for cocktail sauce, but for the most part it is uncharted territory for most people.

Product description: Awaken Your Senses – The latest innovation in hot and spicy condiment sauces that fuses the pungent, volatile oils of ground horseradish with the spicy heat of peppers. The new sauce offers one of the most called for condiments to enhance seafood dishes. It’s horseradish and hot sauce, in one bottle with no waste. The new sauce adds a spicy kick to beef.



Fire – This sauce offers little burn at all. It’s quick to hit the tongue, but is weak. Score: Mild.

Flavor – Again a miss from Louisiana Gold on the specialty sauce here. As you’ll recall from last week the Wasabi Sauce was lacking in wasabi taste, and similarly this Horseradish Sauce is. Void of horseradish flavor. To be honest it pretty much tastes like a typical hot wing sauce. Add some butter to this and you might have a legit wing sauce, but forget trying to work in the horseradish flavor as a profile for a dish. Score: Neutral


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