Top 5 (Last Minute) Spicy Gifts for Chileheads

Ask anyone, I’m all about last minute. In fact, you should consider yourself lucky if I’m early enough to be last minute. Late is great in my book.

That being said, I have a feeling (and it’s not heartburn) that I’m not the only PROcrastinator out there, so we tracked down a few last minute gift ideas for the chileheads in your life. We made sure to find stuff on larger, reputable sites too, so there’s no concerns about the gift getting there in time.

You may have seen some of these items before, but for your fiery fancying family and friends a few of these may be flawless (for under $50).

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If you’re like me, then the only way you will have a green thumb is if you’re dressing up as the Green Giant for Halloween. Obviously I’m not the only botanical bonehead out there, and this thing is made to help all of us. It’s a can with soil and seeds ready to go. All you have to do is water it, keep it warm, and give it some sunlight.

It’s one of the hottest peppers in the world, and this method seems idiot proof. You should have a nice sized plant by Spring, then you can transplant it into a larger container or your garden.

*A.D.D. Accessory – Pair with an Aqua Globe to water it automatically.*

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This is the perfect gift for the chilehead that loves to cook. A hot sauce kit with everything you need to concoct a creative condiment. It comes with 6 spices (allspice, black cumin, curry powder, achiote, Jamaican jerk, ginger), 3 bottles, instructions with pepper glossary, recipes, and handling and safety tips.

This is even a nice idea for someone that is considering a new hot sauce business. You don’t realize how much work goes into making sauce until you try it out.

*Pro tip: ALWAYS use food service gloves when cutting and handling peppers.*

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Wasabi is a cousin to horseradish. It has an amazing flavor, but it’s expensive, and almost impossible to find in the United States (the stuff at your local sushi bar is most likely horseradish).

Never fear! Wasabi gumballs are here!

It’s not the same burn as a chile pepper, but most chileheads can enjoy the sting of isothiocyanate just as well. Get your loved ones that pungent flavor and nasal torment in candy form. They’re great if you like the taste, or want to torture your soon to be ex-friends.

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Perfect for the chilenoob, or spicy vinegar lover.

Choose from personalized (mini, chef size, gallon) bottles, apron, or bottle in a leather case. Tell them you care, or just put their name up to 20 characters. You should be able to get any of them by the Monday after Christmas except the mini bottles. If the 3 day processing time wasn’t enough motivation to get you ordering now, then maybe the online coupons will help (they expire tomorrow).

*Suggestion: If you want to do this one, go for the gallon of habanero sauce.*

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Any good chilehead knows that fresh peppers have a limited life, unless you dry them. This food dehydrator will suck the sweat out of your favorites fresh chiles in no time flat.

What do you do when they’re dry?

Leave it to the Pope of Peppers to give you plenty of ideas:
Drying, Smoking, Powders, and Spice Blends

Add the Nesco American Harvest Jumbo Jerky Works Kit, and you have one serious spicy snack maker.

Thanks for checking our list! Hopefully this will help with your last minute Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Festivus shopping. Don’t miss the live broadcast tomorrow night and every Tuesday night at 8PM CST. We had over 8,000 people tune in last week, and we would love to see you there this week!

Merry Christmas and always remember to EAT MORE HEAT!


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  • FIREHEAD THOMAS 2010 Dec 21 / 10:36

    I tried the Ghost Pepper in a can, they grow green and leafy but don’t flower. I fear the seed quality is not that good.

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