Peppers Ultimate Burn

This weeks sauce up for a Scroturday Night review is ‘Ultimate Burn’ manufactured for Peppers.  Their little blurb on the side of the bottle reads as follows: “This Brazen Lady has no cholesterol and zero calories.  Prepare to strip as the heat goes up.  Your endorphins will flow freely, while your senses bask in the fire of pure, unadulterated tropical pleasure.


Apple Cider Vinegar – Habanero Peppers, Filtered Well Water, Mango Puree, Clear Shoyu, Garlic Juice, Salt, Lime Juice, Wood Aged Cayenne Pepper Mash, Sweet Potatoes, Ginger Puree, Onion Powder, Natural Flavors & Spices, Pure Capsicum [sic] & Xantham Gum.


First off, I have to admit, I’m slightly partial to this bottle of sauce.  And it’s not because there’s an attractive woman on the bottle, there are plenty of those.  This pretty lady, however, has a scratch-off bikini top so you can see her boobies.  Anyway, back to the sauce itself, which looks like a sweet-potato colored Tabasco, but with little flakes of pepper visible inside the bottle.  There doesn’t appear to be enough to actually give the sauce a thicker consistency, but we’ll find out shortly now won’t we?


Cracking open the bottle, I can smell a medley of aromas that are hard to distinguish, but I definitely picked out the smell of garlic (obviously, I love the stuff, and I could pick it out in a line-up a mile away).  Taking a sample off my hand, I wasn’t thoroughly impressed.  It tasted a bit bland on my tongue, before a mild burn kicked in.  It’s not very spicy, maybe enough to make you sweat after a whole teaspoon of the stuff.  But as for flavor, I think it’s lacking.  Now in all honesty, I’m not a big fan of sweet potatoes, and this has sweet potatoes in it, but I couldn’t pick up on their flavor at all.


I give this a fire rating of mild, because it really doesn’t taste much spicier than, say, Tabasco.  For flavor, I gave it a neutral.  It’s not a disgusting sauce that I regretted trying, but it’s not a sauce I would run out and buy myself based on the flavor.  With an ingredient list as long and diverse as this sauce, I can see where they were trying to go with the flavor; a sort of tropical beachy-hot.  Unfortunately, like most products that are cholesterol free and zero calorie, it missed the flavor mark in my book.


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