Introducing Tasty Texas Thursdays

Hey Folks! David here from Some of you know me more as the man behind the camera for that “other“ site, Unless you’re in Houston, up until now you probably haven’t seen me in front of the camera much, short of a few videos about Scrovak trying to prank me or the infamous 3-way rub down scene from Bourbon Street. That, however, is about to change.

As a Thursday feature here on EAT MORE HEAT!, I’m going to be featuring products created or only distributed in the Lone Star State. Seeing that the Texas market is so competitive for hot sauce and salsas, I’m sure I’ll get the chance to feature reviews on some fairly unique and great products in the place I call home.

As an avid road tripper (I think I’m pretty much the official RV driver now) and food adventurer, I’m hoping to be more mobile with my reviews, and try and showcase places around the state as a backdrop for my reviews. In addition, I’ll be geocaching ( unopened bottles of sauce at some of the sites I visit for you to try and hunt down and find.

I’m quite excited to get a chance to do this, and I look forward to all the great product I’ll get a chance to review and share my opinion about with everyone.


P.S. I’m going to try and steal Louisiana away from John’s territory… All of you readers will just hear me refer to it as “Far East Texas”


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  • John Scrovak 2010 Dec 02 / 16:04

    PSH! You can have Oklahoma, or as I like to call it, Occupied North Texas! Maybe I’ll share Louisiana with you, I do have quite the penchant for Cajun cuisine

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