A Jalapeno that’s worth it’s salt.

Hey folks, welcome back to another Tasty, TX Thursday review.  Today we’ll be highlighting the Jalapeno Seasoning Salt from the fine folks at Redneck Riviera Specialty Foods, based in Rockport, TX.   I pondered for a bit how they came about their name, but couldn’t come to a conclusion until I looked really close at the art on the bottle.  The closest I came to relating the name to it is that the little man riding the pig looks like the redneck cousin of the Little Caesars pizza man, and I’ll just assume the pig is being ridden near the coastline.

Alright… time to talk product.



The side of the bottle rates itself as a medium heat, just a step above weenie heat level.  In the EAT MORE HEAT! world, we’re just a little stouter with our tolerance for hot food, so I’m scoring this as a Mild.  Some folks with a little less tolerance may think this is a Medium, so take it as you will.  The heat grows over a few seconds, but doesn’t hurt near as much as if you ate a jalapeno just on it’s own.  Score: Mild

As far as the flavor goes, I was rather pleasantly surprised.  With the product being labeled as a seasoning salt, and the fact that I’m tasting this straight up and not on anything, I was prepared for a punch of sodium win the face with some flavor, but this came across as the complete opposite.  The spices and the heat shine more than the salt.  The taste reminds me a bit of something like a crab boil crossed with celery powder, and then the heat grows on you within about 5-6 seconds.   It’s not a wow factor with the taste, but it has sort of a homey comfort to it that I would have to agree with the bottle that this could be used in place of salt for just about anything you want.  I’d have to image that mixed in with a little melted, unsalted butter, this would be great to brush on some fresh grilled fish.  Score: Nominal

Just talking about Rockport and fish takes me back to the days when I used to join grandpa George and Dad at the Key Allegro Trash Fish tournament hosted at the Key Allegro Yacht Club… good times.  I don’t think that tournament is open any more, but if you’re in to fishing, I’d recommend checking out or participating in the Rockport Offshore Challenge (http://www.rockportoffshore.com/).  You’ll see some amazing catches come in for scoring.

See ya’ next Thursday folks!



  • Jim Brady 2012 Nov 24 / 21:25

    I am trying to get some more Jalapeno seasoning salt from Redneck Riviera
    Does anyone have a new name or method which to buy some
    Thanks for your assistance.

  • David 2012 Nov 27 / 17:04

    I’ve looked around and at this point can’t find an alternative source for the product, but you might be able to use the Texas Gunpowder from Sucklebusters as an alternate, or use it and add a few spices of your own with some salt to make your own variety.


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