Heartbreaking Dawns Datil Trail Preserves
For my first review for this site, I have with me an 8.0 ounce jar of Heartbreaking Dawns Datil Trail Preserves, which touts on the label that it’s made with authentic St. Augustine Datil Peppers.  Now on the label, we have what looks like a thatch or linen background, which sort of sets me in the mood for a ‘trail preserve’.  And then, like a monkey myself, I inherently chuckle at the confused looking chimp wearing a purple hat scratching his head.  I don’t know why, but I always seem to laugh at monkeys, but that’s beside point.  Let’s get down to business.


Mango, Sugar, Cranberries, Crystallized Ginger, Datil Peppers, Vinegar, Garlic, Mustard Powder, Red Pepper.


It has a reddish brown hue to the preserves, with visible seeds and small pieces of peppers or cranberries.  Turning the jar over, it seems to be a bit more fluidic than most store bought preserves I’ve encountered, the sort that require either a knife or a pry bar to extricate.  For this jar, I’m sure I’ll be alright with my trusty spoon.


Upon popping the lid, I get a whiff of spicy and garlic.  I took another smell, and a third after that, and and it’s a well blended, aromatic product.  It took a few more nose-fulls to pick out the distinctive scents of vinegar, ginger, and garlic. After eating that spoonful, my mouth was almost overwhelmed with a chunky sweetness.  I mulled it over my tongue a few times before actually chewing it, and I could feel lumps of fruit.  As I started chewing, I could definitely taste the mango chunks and the cranberries.  After about 4-8 seconds on my tongue, the Datil Peppers came through, and I could taste the piquancy.  Now this isn’t an overwhelming burn, not in the least.  I would say it actually adds quite well to the flavors of the fruit and ginger.  Some of the ingredients on the list
I couldn’t pick out on my tongue, like the mustard powder or the red pepper, but with the way this preserve is blended, I don’t think I will be able to.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, because with mango and ginger together, I don’t think I would want a very distinct mustard flavor, or it would end up changing the flavor of it all.



All in all, I’d give it a flavor rating of Nice, and a fire rating of Medium.  I give it a Nice in flavor because it is good, I like it, and it is a new experience I enjoyed, but it tastes like a product I would eat a lot in the fall or late summer, because that’s what came to mind as I enjoyed it, though someone like me certainly would eat it year-round.  I give it a fire rating of Medium because the Datil pepper is definitely spicy, but not nearly spicy enough to warrant a higher rating.  I would recommend this product to others, and the bottle says it would be good as a base for chicken and pork marinades, glazes, or finishing sauces, to which I would have to agree.



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  • FIREHEAD THOMAS 2010 Nov 28 / 14:40

    Love the stuff. I eat this and the original Fiery Trail Preserves on top of peanut butter or cream cheese on a bagel or English muffin just about every day for breakfast. Smashingly good!

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