Darth Naga reviews Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce

Well its that time again chile­fanz!! Today I bring you my latest video review, and I reckon this one may just go down in his­tory as the second stu­pid­est thing I have ever done (the first will hope­fully be uploaded to you­tube at some stage LOL!) stu­pid for the simple fact that after hear­ing from Rose Sey­mour that James beck said “we don’t use milk in our video reviews in the US” I decided to hit the bot­tom end of men­tal and do a vid review WITHOUT MILK!! But any­way, the sauce I am review­ing today comes from the god­father of the US hot­sauce scene Mr Blair Lazar him­self, and this par­tic­u­lar sauce is fam­ous for not only being the hot­test sauce he mass pro­duces, but also for being one of the only ones to have its name changed dur­ing his major rebrand­ing last year!

Ingredi­ents: Red Habanero pods, Naga Jolokia, Cay­enne Chil­lies, White Vin­egar, Nat­ural Pep­per Fla­vour, Tomato Puree, Pirri-Pirri Chil­lies, Lime Juice, Salt, Spices.

Okay so as you are about to see, Blair’s “Ultra Death” is his hot­test sauce that he makes reg­u­larly, obvi­ously his one-off’s and spe­cial edi­tions etc are usu­ally hot­ter but not mass pro­duced like his “Death sauce” range, this one is slightly more spe­cial than the rest of the range though as it went through a name change dur­ing the big rebrand­ing that Blair did last year (talk­ing of rebrand­ing have you seen the new Hot-Headz rebranded stuff? OMG its awe­some and very sparkly LOL).

The sauce used to be known as “Jer­sey death” but when the rebrand­ing happened Jer­sey came out the other side as “Ultra death” I kinda dis­like the name change as “Jer­sey Death” soun­ded a bit more per­sonal AND it was hot­ter back then too, although the ingredi­ents are identical save for the addi­tion of Naga’s and the removal of pump­kin seed!

The bottle itself as you can see on the video is very bright and col­our­ful which i think accur­ately reflects the col­our­ful nature of the dark red liquid inside the bottle, but have a look at the vid, then i’ll tell you a little more after­wards!

I decided to re-post part of Darth Naga‘s review of Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce since I was the inspiration for his temporary lunacy. You stepped up and showed the UK can hang for sure DN! Great video for a great sauce. You can view the entire original post here.



  • Alex 2010 May 20 / 11:19

    Darth Naga is a legend!

  • Hot Sauce 2010 May 28 / 21:03

    Another great sauce from Blair’s.

  • Dev In 2012 Sep 09 / 08:45

    hell yes, BLAIRS! Im from New Jersey, we put that shit on everything.

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