Intensity Academy Chai Curry Chup

Alrighty then! Reviews two days in a row! I’m so proud, sniff, sniff.

I decided to review one of their more unique products the Chai Curry Chup. Think about that combination for a second. Chai as in Chai Tea, Curry as in the middle eastern spice, and Chup being short for ketchup. That’s right, an all natural curry ketchup that’s infused with chai tea. Have I piqued your curiousity yet?

If not, maybe the description from their site will help:
Chai Curry Chup is an all natural organic tea infused curry ketchup!
While exploring the mysteries of Asia, we were enlightened by the Goddess and all her prosperity. She bestowed upon us the good fortune of an ancient Curry Chup recipe to share with the world.
The smoothness of the organic tea balances the curry and Thai peppers blended lovingly with tomatoes to delight your senses. Chai Curry Chup is sure to be your favorite food enhancement. Gracing your burgers, fries, eggs, tofu and more! ALL NATURAL!

I know curry ketchup has been done before, but as far as I can tell this is the first time that curry ketchup has been combined with both chai tea, and Thai peppers. Which leads me to the $5.49 question, how does it taste? Read on you chilehead you…..

Product Rating:


I have to admit I was somewhat surprised at the Fire of this condiment. When you think ketchup you really don’t associate it with much of a burn, but this one has just enough kick to make it interesting.

The combination of the curry paste (which contains chile peppers), Thai peppers, and curry powder brings a noticeable yet controlled burn to your food when used generously. It’s definitely nothing to be afraid of (even for the spicy starters), but it’s just enough to make it more stimulating than just adding curry to a packet of ketchup.

That’s right! I did it! I busted out the rarely used, and coveted Notable rating for this crazy curry ketchup! I gave the product our highest rating for a couple of reason. Obviously reason number one is that it tastes exceptional.

The second reason is a little more subtle, and you really have to consider the ingredients involved in a product like this for it to make sense: Tomato concentrate, corn syrup, distilled vinegar, salt, onion powder, Thai chile peppers, Massaman curry paste, curry powder, organic Chai tea extract, and natural spices. The broad diversity of Flavors is brought together in just the right amounts to create an amazing blend. If you’ve ever had Thai food then you know that curry and Thai peppers are a great combination. Now pour a little chai tea on that Thai curry dish, sound good? How about adding some ketchup to the mix? I think not, but combine just the right amount of those ingredients here, and you get a truly unique condiment that totally transforms the possibilities for using ketchup.

You can pick up a bottle or a case on their site, so make sure to add this one to the condiment arsenal in your fridge ASAP.



  • miss v 2009 Oct 15 / 08:16

    have you ever tried 'after death' sauce? i'm a huge freak nut and put hot sauce on everything… and i seriously have never tasted anything hotter than this sauce. i can't even use it – it just sits in my fridge and stares at me!

  • James A. Beck Jr. 2009 Oct 15 / 09:19

    Yup, I've tried most of Blair's stuff. Trust me, there are sauces that are much hotter.

  • wasabi prime 2009 Oct 15 / 11:26

    Nice! I like this idea. Been loving more flavorful spicy items rather than the stuff that just knocks your socks off. Will have to give this one a try, as I think the chai flavor would make for a really nice touch.

  • ValleyWriter 2009 Oct 15 / 12:47

    Hmmm – never had a ketchup/curry combo before – this sounds like a good one to try!

  • Marillyn @ just-making-noise 2009 Oct 16 / 00:38

    Wow… very interesting!! Like the idea :o)

  • redkathy 2009 Oct 23 / 19:16

    Don't know if I'd like it on fried eggs but sounds like it's worth investigating.

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