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Finally we are back on track with the reviews!Let’s start today with a few updates….
First of all I will be hanging out with all the chileheads at Jungle Jim’s Weekend of Fire this weekend. Make sure to stop by if you’re close to Fairfield, OH. It should be a good time. Next is the updates for the site redesign. We are working with a team of web designers that will be giving the site a whole new look. We even have a 3D animation and gaming specialist involved with the group, so prepare for 3D chile peppers!

Now let’s talk about today’s review. The company is called Toluca Gourmet, and currently they have two products. You can choose from the Salsa Casera Jalapeno, or the Salsa Casera Habanero. We enjoyed trying both products, but the review today will be for the red Jalapeno flavor.

First take a look at their TV commercial:

I tried to burn a hole in my tongue with this stuff and it didn’t work, but I guess everyone is different.

Colorful sauces, life size high-res pictures, and a TV commercial are all pretty impressive, but how does it taste?



The Fire level of the jalapeno version of this sauce can only be described one way…..
Take a nice big bite of a ripe jalapeno, and that’s what you’ll feel.

In the world of the true chilehead that would be described as a nice Medium burn, but I know some of you spicy starters might think different. This sauce is made up almost exclusively of jalapenos, so if you can handle that type of Fire, then you’ll be fine. Flavor is where this sauce shines! I don’t know about you, but I love to eat jalapenos. Fresh or pickled, green or red; it really doesn’t matter I will enjoy that fruit any way you slice it! That being said, Toluca Gourmet has figured out how to take the Flavor of ripe jalapenos, and turn them into a nice, thick hot sauce. The first time I tasted this stuff I said “Amazing! It tastes exactly like jalapenos!” This is the perfect way to give anything a great jalapeno flavor without all the little sliced jalapenos rolling all over the place.

The first two ingredients are Fresh Jalapenos, and Sweet Peppers, but don’t let the sweet peppers make you think they’ve sweetened up the sauce too much! The sweet peppers dilute just enough of the Fire out of the jalapenos to make the sauce tolerable for most, but without ruining the authenticity of the Flavor.

The only thing left to say is the expression on the back of the bottle; “El Chile Justo Para Su Gusto” translated means “The chile just for its Flavor“.


The judges agreed with me, and that’s why this sauce earned a very strong Silver rating! They only missed a Gold rating by one point! The comments were things like “Very Good!” and “I love this sauce!” The highest scores were for flavor and spice blend.

Obviously due to the popularity of jalapenos there is no doubt about the taste, and Toluca Gourmet has done an amazing job bringing that exact flavor to their sauce.

You will definitely want to check in for that one!

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