Final Frontier Beef Jerky
I guess it’s appropriate that upon venturing into a new frontier like beef jerky that our first review would be the final frontier. Final Frontier Jerky brand is traditional, old-fashioned style beef jerky. Made with a time-tested family recipe for over 30 years, this flavor has just enough pepper to spike the taste buds.

Final Frontier Beef Jerky is one of the very few (if not the only) beef jerky to travel not only on several space shuttle missions, but to the International Space Station as well.

Here’s the timeline:
In 1995 the domain was originally acquired by FreshMade Meat Products, a subsidiary of Orbital Development. developed their extraordinary recipe and promotes sales of Final Frontier Jerky. Final Frontier Jerky is a black pepper flavor beef jerky, said to be the “Best I ever ate!” by countless voracious consumers.

Media attention to’s “Space Program” has helped to establish and expand Internet mindshare of the domain and increase the sales volume of Final Frontier Jerky. Competing for attention head-to-head with the “commercial” space programs of giant corporations like Pepsi-Cola and Pizza Hut, has consistently achieved excellent media presence around the world with its low-cost achievements in Space marketing.

Drawing on Orbital Development’s extensive contacts and experience in the space industry, developed, implemented, and continues with their Space-related marketing program. Working with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center personnel for testing and approvals, Final Frontier Jerky was selected by the astronaut crew and flew aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-79 flight on September 16th, 1996. A few days later, the shuttle docked at Mir Space station where Final Frontier Jerky was shared by both crews.

On May 20th, 2001 Final Frontier Jerky again rocketed to space, this time aboard a Russian Progress freighter bound for the International Space Station. Upon an ISS flight crewmember’s personal request, the beef jerky treat was included in the “personal mass allowance” that each astronaut family is given for each launch opportunity.

On April 25th, 2002 Final Frontier Jerky left Earth for a third time, in the pocket of Mark Shuttleworth’s spacesuit. A South African citizen, Mark was the second private astronaut to ever fly to space.

On August 8th, 2007 Final Frontier Jerky flew to orbit for the fourth time aboard STS-118 to the International Space Station.

(A picture from the Space Station floating in front of a window looking at Earth.)

If that wasn’t enough claim to fame it turns out the company that sells Final Frontier jerky also happens to own, which is a pretty decent name for a jerky company. It seems pretty obvious that they know how to market their product, but how does it taste?

Let’s find out…..



Well this jerky earns a Medium rating, but we might want to add an asterisk with it. The asterisk is for the fact that this is a black pepper beef jerky, and if you’ve ever had lots of black pepper with food you know it’s a different kind of burn. Chile peppers have a substance called capsaicin that is responsible for the burn. Black pepper has capsaicin too, but it’s minimal. The substance that burns in black pepper is called piperine. Piperine is very alkaline, so the burn from black pepper is a combination of capsaicin and acidic properties.
All that educational mumbo jumbo equates to a burn that feels different, and doesn’t last nearly as long as chile peppers.

The reason I’ve included all this information is because they use A LOT of black pepper in this jerky, and if you eat more than one or two pieces at a time you will notice the Fire.

Moving on…..

This jerky easily earns the Nice rating from me. It’s a little tougher than I prefer (like most jerky), but the Flavor is excellent. You can tell they didn’t cut corners or skimp with the black pepper, and it’s also pretty evident that they use quality cuts of meat. The jerky has an almost overwhelming black pepper Flavor with a hint of smokey goodness that sneaks in at the end . I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys beef jerky.
Oops, almost forgot, they also have a “Ring of Fire” extra spicy jerky that they sent us which will be reviewed in the near future.



The judges all gave this jerky strong scores.

The only comment that we got was “Wonderful!”, so I guess that judge liked it.

The highest scores by far were for spice blend and flavor, so that Silver rating was earned through a the best categories.

The lowest scores were for appearance and texture, so I assume that means the judges don’t like flat jerky too much.

Who cares if it’s flat? It tastes great!

Astronauts must know their jerky.

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