Stop Spicy Stupidity

A disturbing trend is emerging in the world of fiery foods. Several individuals are posting spicy videos that are too extreme. It's time to Stop Spicy Stupidity. READ MORE HEAT »


The Carolina Reaper is the World’s Hottest Chile Pepper

The Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world at 1,569,383 SHU! We first told you about the Carolina Reaper aka HP22B back in November of 2011. READ MORE HEAT »


UNLV Researchers Find Lead in Some Imported Hot Sauces

UNLV Researchers conducted the first known study into lead concentrations of hot sauce. They found four hot sauces from Mexico that exceeded the FDA standard for lead. READ MORE HEAT »


Spiciest Restaurants Around the USA and UK by Zagat

During my Heatlines research this morning I ran across a rather impressive list of the spiciest restaurants around the USA and UK put together by Zagat, and I had to share. READ MORE HEAT »

Legendary SMOK Brand Hot Pepper Sauce

Legendary SMOK Brand Hot Pepper SauceWelcome back to Fiery Friday, folks! Tonight’s review is the stuff of legend. At least, that’s what the label says. I’m talking specifically about Legendary SMOK Brand Hot Pepper Sauce, a sauce from the veteran-owned and Colorado-based SMOK Brand (go figure). I like the tagline on the bottle: “Where there’s SMOK…,” so hopefully that suggestive promise there doesn’t let me down!

Seven Pepper Sriracha, by Race City Sauce Works

Seven Pepper Sriracha, by Race City Sauce WorksThis should come as no surprise, but I love sriracha. Most of my experience has come from the Huy Fong rooster sauce, of course, but I did once make my own version of the stuff. Anyway, tonight’s product is one that looks to be far deadlier than your average bottle of Thai-themed sauce. From the good people at Race City Sauce Works, I bring you the Seven Pepper Sriracha.

Mom & Me Premium Italian Pepper Sauce

Mom & Me Premium Italian Pepper Sauce 1On tonight’s edition of Fiery Friday, I’m taking a look at something a little different. The name of the game here is Italian Pepper Sauce, by Mom & Me. What makes this stuff so unique is that it’s built like a combination of a pasta sauce and a salsa. The real focus here, though, is the hot banana peppers, which form the centerpiece of Debra Danielsen’s Italian-themed sauce. Rather than simply eat this out of the jar (though I did that too, of course), I whipped up a chicken and noodle dish to give this sauce a chance to shine.

Salsa Roja, by La Familia Salsa Company LLC

Salsa Roja by La Familia Salsa Company LLCWhoa. By my count, it’s been over half a year since the last Salsa Sunday feature. I’ve been reasonably faithful with Fiery Friday, but far less so with this column. Well, that ends now… at least for the summer. See, Sundays are typically my “grade and get everything together for the week” days, meaning I don’t usually leave myself time to review. Anyway, let’s get back on track with a product that’s practically made in my backyard! I’m looking at Salsa Roja by La Familia Salsa Company, a brand operating out of Rockport, Texas.

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